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Code of Conduct

The quality of our service and team is also guaranteed by our compliance with the Code of Conduct.

qosIT is committed to contributing to society through its operations.


Integrity and good conduct in business

  • Support an open, fair and competitive business environment.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and relevant regulations.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all business, commercial and financial information of all our clients.
  • Be extremely scrupulous in not admitting the existence of conflicts of interest that affect the business.
  • Not accepting gifts and incentives that may influence negotiations and decision making.
  • To emphasize excellence, professional ethics, humility, transparency and dedication to service.
  • Always apply the best technical criteria for our clients.

Human Rights

qosIT endorses the values included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labor Organization based on the respect and dignity of the individual without discrimination according to their origin, race, color, sex, religion or affiliation. Additionally:

  • Our value is provided by the people that make up our team and how they transfer our passion to our customers.
  • We intend to be an example in flexibility, working conditions and family life conciliation. qosIT is an efr certified company, family-responsible company, since 2015.
  • We are committed to the generation of local talent, in the training and preparation of professionals in the technological sector, engine of economic and social change.
  • We strive to obtain the maximum productivity of all our work, our relationships and our attitudes in all areas in which they are developed.
40% of our partners have signed qosIT ´s Code of Conduct.
qosIT extends this Code of Conduct to all suppliers with which we work, especially with those partners with whom we collaborate directly in the provision of services to their final clients.

The following are some concepts or additional key messages with strategic objectives comprise what we want to be as an organization:

Maximum ethics and honesty in all areas and responsibilities: We demand, at all levels within the company, the highest degree of professional ethics and honesty to customers, colleagues and in all situations of our day to day.

Maximum quality of ideas and maximum quality of execution: We put the greatest possible attention on the ideas that we decided to implement, we take them to the end, we execute them with professionalism, quality and responsibility. We are confident that this will give us many more options to have a bright future.

We are a team: We defend sincerity and transparency as an open and constructive group. We make an important effort to attract and retain talent, we need that talent and associated experience to contribute to increase the net value of our organization. We want to ensure we think, work and move forward as a team, one in which the values of personal and professional respect must always be references for our decisions and actions, but it is important that we have the capacity and responsibility to challenge -always professionally and constructively – everything we consider that can be improved.

Transparency and communication: We try never to be left with a question, doubt, curiosity, concern or need for information related to our work or our organization. We are proud of our company and like to show it as it is.