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Integrated Management System Policy

qosIT develops a company culture, a way of working and making decisions that allows to:

  • Create a culture of integral management based on quality of service, environmental protection and information security, training and motivating staff in relation to providing the greatest possible satisfaction to our clients, minimizing the environmental impact of our activity, through the control of our significant environmental aspects and those associated with the rational consumption of natural resources, the efficient management of waste and the prevention of pollution, and information security.
  • Ensure the satisfaction of our clients and employees by adjusting to their needs and taking into account their opinions and requirements at all times.
  • Create and promote an optimal work environment, where all the members of qosIT contribute to provide services and create solutions with the highest quality, and that add value for our customers.
  • Achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on the trust and loyalty of our customers and the commitment and loyalty of our employees.
  • To ensure that the security of information and respect for personal data are constant:
    • Preserving the confidentiality of information and preventing its disclosure and access by unauthorized persons.
    • Maintaining the integrity of the information procuring its accuracy and avoiding its deterioration.
    • Ensuring the availability of information on all media and whenever necessary.
  • Minimize the impact of environmental aspects and the prevention of pollution with the objectives of efficient improvement in the consumption of resources and the recycling and reuse of generated waste. The involvement of the staff and the management of the company is of vital importance. It works by an early identification and eradication of the sources of the errors, being the priority prevention against the correction.
  • It works by an early identification and eradication of the sources of the errors, being the priority prevention against the correction.


Thus, qosIT is committed to develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve its Integrated Management System (SIG) with the objective of continuous improvement in the way we provide our services, in the preservation of the environment and in the way we treat the information of our clients and our organization. Therefore, it is the policy of qosIT:

  • Generate a frame of reference to establish annual objectives, as well as the general orientation of the principles of action, in relation to processes, environmental protection and information security.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the service level commitments acquired with the client, taking measures for environmental protection and safeguard, as well as contractual security obligations.
  • Carry out training and awareness activities in the field of quality, environment and information security for all staff.
  • A risk analysis, management and treatment process is developed on the company’s processes, the environment and information assets.
  • The control objectives and the corresponding controls are established to mitigate the detected risks.
  • Establish the responsibility of employees in relation to:
    • Communicate security incidents quickly for correct treatment.
    • Preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets in compliance with this policy.
    • Comply with the policies and procedures inherent in the Integrated Management System.


The Responsible for Quality, Environment and Information Security is directly responsible for the maintenance of this policy in each of its areas, providing advice and guidance for its implementation and correction of deviations.