With new technologies, business data are growing exponentially. The information generated in these data is an important asset that should add value to improve the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Data Analysis Projects in different areas of value chain with two goals:

Revenue increasing. Starting from the data provided by the different business processes, it delves into a better understanding of customers with the following goals:

  • Improve segmentation
  • Customised Offer
  • Customer Churn

Cost Reduction. Analyzing operations and costs to optimize resources and achieve improved efficiency in logistics, human resources, etc.


  • KPI’s Design & Implementation of Balance Scorecard
  • Deployment of different analytical and business intelligence platforms
  • Data Audit
  • Consulting & recomendations
  • Business Analysis about:
    • – Customers
    • – Supply chain
    • – Risks
    • – Fraud
    • – Finances

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